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Nailed it.

Hello, Blog-o-sphere! Allow myself to introduce…myself (a la Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery). My name is Amy, and I believe this is my very first post on ArchPaint. How exciting! Nice to virtually meet you all. Call me a late bloomer, but my most wonderful and furious obsession as of late is nail polish, … Continue reading

MAXImize Your Style

The carefree attitude from the Hippies movement transferred over to the 70s, which is the era that bore mini, micro, and maxi dresses and skirts that allowed women to dress however they want. While the minis and micros were shining under the 90s spotlight, the maxi was the underground style that only the pregnant women … Continue reading


If you’ve ever watched One Tree Hill, then you know who Gavin DeGraw is. Famous for the One Tree Hill theme song, “I Don’t Want to Be,” and his stripped (hence the title) version of his album Chariot, Degraw has made more than a name for himself. What draws me into Gavin Degraw’s music is … Continue reading

The FannyPurse

Spring is finally in the air! The weather here in Philly has been warming up and teasing us to come outside and enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze. With the changing seasons comes a change in fashion, and if you haven’t read our post earlier about the growing trend of solid and bright colors, check … Continue reading

Uptown Denim Part 2

I couldn’t wait to write another post on denim so here we go again. This time I want to talk about denim jackets. (Read Uptown Denim Part 1 if you want the first part) I own one from Levi’s and I cannot stop wearing it. Whether I layer it under my coat or just wear over … Continue reading

Uptown Denim

When I wrote the entry titled Anti-Denim? I couldn’t help but realize how much I like denim. I’m not saying I go back on my opinion on chinos because they most certainly bring wonders and reward you with a new world of freedom for your bottom.  But I just wanted to keep it at a … Continue reading

The Anti-Denim?

Over the course of four years, I have noticed my undeniable transition from denim to non-denim in my closet.  I used to wear jeans everyday but things have been changing since college started. Don’t get me wrong, a beautiful fitting pair of jeans are awesome but in comparison to a nice pair of chinos… I … Continue reading


There are two things I am afraid to look at when I go online: watches and shoes. (For those who thought it was something else, shame on you!) This is because once I open the door to this Pandora’s box, I end up spending hours perusing through endless pages of watches.  The worst part of … Continue reading

Gotten Over All Your Overalls?

Whatever happened to overalls? I remember wearing my overalls whenever I could. I tried wearing them all throughout elementary school, but by the time I hit middle school, the straps weren’t able to extend any further and I had the choice of wearing these horrendous jeans called “flares” (remember those?) aka “bell-bottoms,” or wearing too-small-overalls … Continue reading

The Perfect Rucksack.

One of the most difficult challenges I have had in the recent months was finding the ideal backpack for my daily use. Whether it was for going to classes, going hiking, traveling, or you-name-it, I was unsuccessful at finding this elusive but perfect bag. Being a very particular person that I am, I searched for … Continue reading